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Do You Want to Know a Secret?

It’s said that All You Need Is Love.

so every now and again the bosses at Plus Four Market Research Limited, The Field Division, The Analysis Solution, and The Qualitative Lab decide that the team have had A Hard Day's Night (some may say ‘have been working like dogs’ even!) and deserve a break to go on a bit of a Magical Mystery Tour.

Instead of disappearing into Strawberry Fields Forever, we set off Yesterday / All Together Now as Day Trippers in the Yellow Submarine (aka the District Line Train from Wimbledon!). Our destination? The ever-majestic Royal Albert Hall via Exhibition Road. (we’re not taking a detour via Penny Lane or the cab home would cost a fortune!). We’re off to see the wonderful Bootleg Beatles.

Well From Me to You I can tell you that it was an amazing evening. The whole team had the chance to let loose and Twist and Shout!

But Hey Jude, the fun had to end eventually, and after a quick Hello, Goodbye, Here Comes the Sun telling us it was time to Get Back to work. After all, we have to pay the Taxman and do our part in the Market Research Revolution.

Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da life goes on, and we were all back in the office the next day pushing forward with our respective research projects. But we really think everyone including Your Mother Should Know what a fab evening was had! So Please Please Me and spread the word, and for now, I’ll Let It Be.

Blog by Paula Perez, Manager, The Qualitative Lab Viewing Facility

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